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15 Second TV Ad



Before purchasing this package, you must have a previous intro and outro tag done with us at CPCON, or STAR University.

A High-Quality 15 Second TV Video Ad Production. The ad will be perfectly optimized for Traditional Broadcast TV placements, Video Pre-Roll Advertising (YouTube or Travel Websites) and OTT Streaming TV Advertising (Hulu, Paramount+, etc).

This project utilizes videos previously recorded at CPCON21 or STAR University (January 27th, 2022). Do not purchase this product if you do not have pre-recorded material with us.

Enjoy a 10% discount on ANY additional product with this purchase.



Delivery of the video will take approximately two weeks from the time we receive your pictures & contact information.


By placing an order, you acknowledge and agree to the Cruise Planners Video Network product terms. You can find our complete product terms here.