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Frequently Asked Question

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What is the CP Video Store Production Process?

1. Schedule Your Record your Video Tags during STAR University or CPCon.

2.Provide Assets/Info, allow up to 10 days to receive an email requesting your assets, confirm your contact info, two production week turnaround after assets are received.

You'll receive your final video files via Google Drive 

What is a video tag? 

A video tag is a brief, scripted yet personalized clip featuring you, which can be used at the beginning and end of a multitude of videos.

What exactly is a personalized video? 

A personalized video utilizes a pre-existing video template that is then edited to feature your unique pictures, contact information and start & end tags which are recorded at Cruise Planners events like STAR U and CPCon. 

What kind of pictures should I send for my promotional videos? The ideal pictures you can provide are awesome landscapes (horizontal) from your vacations or cruises. Pictures that not only capture the sense of wonder that comes with traveling, but that also showcase your personality! It doesn't have to be only you, feel free to provide images that feature your family and/or friends. This is your opportunity to show your clients that you know travel and that you’re fun to work with.

Give us a call to get started! 

How can I best maximize my CP Video Store videos? 

You can create captivating videos for social media ad campaigns, traditional TV placements, video for your website, trade shows, networking presentations, YouTube and Streaming TV! Check out this video demo for some inspiration! 

What is the turn-around time? 

Your personalized videos will be provided no later than 2 weeks after submitting your required assets.

How will I receive my videos? 

You will receive a Google Drive folder link where all the videos you’ve purchased will be hosted. Each video will be available for download independently, or in bulk in one unified folder. We also send embed codes with instructions on how to upload to your website. 

After I receive and download my final videos, how can I share them on social media?

We’ve created an incredible blog to help guide you to get the most out of your custom videos online. See HERE!

What if I purchased a Video Marketing Package? 

You will first receive an email with a step-by-step guide explaining how to develop your Cruise Planners Landing Page after your pitch video is complete. After confirmation of your page being successfully published, you will then receive an email with a Trifactor Pre-Consultation Form. Upon submission of your form, we will reach out to schedule your one-on-one consultation. 

Why haven't I received my videos? First, please ensure that you’re providing your correct, Cruise Planners email address: ***** To start the process, you will receive an initial email with a link for you to send us photos and your information to personalize your video. Once these assets are received, we can then begin executing your videos. We provide final video submissions through email via a Google Drive link. There are some instances that these video submissions may arrive in your Spam Folder. Please check there if you feel you haven’t received your videos. 

Where can I get help if I have issues processing my payment or need additional support for my request? 

Please contact us at: (954) 533-1690 or