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Capturing Culture—Why Your Company Needs a Culture Video

A typical video marketing strategy focuses mainly on ads, product features, or other sales-driven videos. And while this is a reliable strategy, you shouldn’t neglect the other ways video can grow your sales and enrich your brand overall. Company culture videos give your brand value, humanity, and heart, which can improve your sales, attract employees, and make your brand desirable to future business partners. 

In this article, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about culture videos and why you need them. Let’s get started! 

What is a culture video?

Culture videos express the essence of your brand. In an “about us,” you’d typically give factual information about your company, your founding, and what you do or sell. Information like that is nice, but it doesn’t really give a sense of who you are as an organization. Culture videos tell us not just what you do, but how it fuels you, and how your organization functions in a human way.

What should your culture video cover?

At its core, a culture video is about the people who make up your company. You can hone in on what makes your team talented, and what they bring to the table beyond their resumes. Your employees are the foundation of what makes up your company culture, so show them off! A day-in-the-life style is a great format to showcase the environment of your workplace. Pick a day when there’s an opportunity to show visible work on an important project that the team is invested in.

Culture videos are a great time to highlight your company values. This allows customers to know that they have more in common with your brand than a desire to purchase. Shared values and causes will connect you with your stakeholders on a deeper level, and foster relationships that last longer than the length of the sales funnel.

Business owner working with a video marketer to create a company culture video

Don’t forget to make your video fun. Show the positive, collaborative, and fun atmosphere of your workplace. Make the video as much of a delight to watch as it is to work at your company.

Who is a culture video for?

Who is scrolling around on your website, and finding a culture video? Well, almost everyone you care about making an impression on. Customers, future employees, and potential business partners. These three key groups want to learn more about your brand, and want to get to know you on a personal level. 

Employees want to know they’ll fit into a workplace culture, that they are motivated by similar values, and can feel proud of the work they do. If you’re looking to attract talent that will mesh with your team and add value to your company, show it in your culture video. Customers also care about company culture, and that feeling is only growing. More and more, discerning consumers want to know what brands believe in, what they support, their charity initiatives, and the demographics of their employees. Openness and transparency are important to today’s consumer. The same goes for potential partners. Before they invest time, money, or effort into your venture, they want to make sure their values align with yours. 

Why make a culture video?

It’s more apparent than ever that having a great product is not enough. Having a culture video makes you stand out amongst the pack. What you're selling goes beyond the tangible good or marketable service. You’re selling your brand. In business, every group you interact with needs that deeper connection. Your customers want to know what you believe in before they hand you their money. Your business partners want their values to align with yours to make deals that are mutually beneficial financially and personally. And your employees want to expend their time toward something they feel matters. 

All of these relationships rely on the brand to let themselves be known. No matter who you’re looking to speak to, everyone wants to know who you are. And with a culture video, you can show the world. 

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