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Video Marketing Plan - VMP



Highlighted Benefits of The Video Marketing Program Offers:

  • 5 customized videos at the best value!
  • Unique landing page and contact form, proven to increase bookings
  • Professionally produced sales pitch video for your landing page
  • 4 professional marketing consultations to conduct ads and overview
  • Access to insider marketing tips to help you leverage your video
  • Choose from a variety of styles in our video gallery, with new videos added monthly

The Video Marketing Program is for those who want an experienced marketing team behind them every step of the way, from producing a personalized sales pitch video to expert marketing consultations that show you how to leverage your video and generate more sales.

Every video is strategically designed to help you attract more leads and increase conversions. Key Cruise Planners’ data is used to craft each video, with the highest level of precision to help you get more bookings.

If you want the support of an expert marketing team behind you, amazing promotional videos, your very own landing page, and a strategic roadmap to leverage your content to increase sales -- the Video Marketing Program is for you!

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Delivery of the video will take approximately two weeks from the time we receive your pictures & contact information.