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Add End-Tag

This package covers an additional End-Tag Recording in case you would like to change the message on ..


"Trade Show Presentation Video

Great for conventions and events!Choose up to 5 of your favorite CP travel videos to play back-to-ba..


Active Traveler

Ready for some unbelievable heart-stopping fun? Unleash your inner explorer with an epic adventure. ..


Adventure Travel

This point-of-view video feels like a GoPro video, highlighting a series of snapshot adventures &..


America The Beautiful

By road, train, air or sea, you get to pick how you want to explore America the beautiful and all of..


Ancestry Travel

Help your customers learn where they come from and connect with their roots. They'll embark on an an..


Benefits of Booking with a Travel Agent

This explainer video shows travelers how to save by booking their vacation through a CP Agent.Th..


Benefits of Booking with a Travel Agent

 Encourages people to consider river cruising by showcasing the benefits of fine dining, intima..


Caribbean Travel Tips

Make your Caribbean getaway unforgettable by packing these top 5 uncommon items. From fun to safety,..


Celebrate Your Life

Get ready to explore the world while celebrating the milestones of your life, and while you’re at it..


Celebrate Your Love

Demonstrates your ability to plan romantic honeymoons, anniversaries, and romantic getaways with att..

Cruise Home Ports New

Cruise Home Ports

Sail the seas and journey close to home. Encourage your clients to set sail and discover different p..


Culinary Foodie Travel

Culinary Foodie Travel - Who doesn't love the perfect meal while journeying through the globe! Exper..


Destination Wedding

Want a wedding everyone will enjoy from beginning to end? Let a Cruise Planners agent plan your next..

European Destination New

European Destination

A new year brings on new adventures, help your clients create wonderful memories to mark the beginni..