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Let’s talk numbers. It’s suggested that your business should spend about 8% of revenue on marketing. That means your company is spending thousands of dollars on branding and promotion to stay relevant and ahead of the competition.

Where exactly should you apply those dollars and how do you measure the return on your investment? That is the million dollar question. The short answer is: video.

You want to use the best marketing tool in the biz to get the most bang for your buck. Don’t you?

I am here to set the record straight about your investment in video marketing. Let’s look at:

  • Why video will indeed maximize your ROI
  • How to measure video’s marketing performance
  • What you can do to see the most results

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  1. Video is the best bang for your buck


As I noted earlier, you’re already expected to spend a fair amount of profits on efforts that generate leads and close sales. So it would make the most cents ( pun intended ) to spend it on what works.

It’s no news digital is the most powerful platform of our time. From our news media, to our social interactions, to our more than 3.5 billion searches a day.The Internet completely consumes us. That undeniable fact leads businesses to strategize to improve their SEO to tap into all that market potential.

For starters, video marketing content improves your visibility. Your business is 53 times more likely to be on the 1st Google search page when you use video. That’s more power to attract potential buyers and can get you approximately 30% more business.

Video makes your message more shareable on social media,  92% of people will share a video with a friend when consuming content on their phone. And we all know the power of a friend’s recommendation. It is the best life source for new business.

Speaking of shareable content. Help a buddy boost their ROI and share this vlog.

Lastly, video makes engaging with your brand more enjoyable. Having video on your landing page can decrease bounce rates and increase conversion rates by 80%. So not only are your customers happy, so are you.

All the research points on how video can elevate the customer journey. Help them, help you and invest in the best marketing tool today.

  1. Measure your video’s ROI

Providing all the stats in the world about the effectiveness of video marketing still doesn’t explain how to measure this in monetary terms. In order to optimally use video, you need to know how your time and money spent will convert into dollars and cents.

Sadly, marketers of recent years haven’t figured it out. In 2013, it was found that 70% of marketers couldn’t measure their efforts based on sales, leads and conversions. That changes today.

Tracking your ROI is simple. You take your investment gain, subtract it from your investment cost, then divide your sum by the investment cost. Multiply your total by 100% and you have your video’s return on investment.

Your investment gain is considered when creating your video. What is the purpose of your video? To gain subscribers and leads, or to make sales? It’s probably all of these. Whatever your goals, measure the investment cost in the numbers you gained as a result of your video.

The investment cost is, of course, the resources your company allocates to create your video. Your marketing budget will fund the production of impactful video content, but it will also take time. Assign a number to each value and find yours.

Because data is usually expressed in percentages, you lastly multiply your total by 100%.

Finding your ROI is made even simpler with the use of an ROI calculator. But enough boring you with arithmetic. Call one of our experts to design, launch and track your next marketing campaign.

  1. Video with purpose drives results

Video should be a part of your marketing budget. Period.

Now that you know video boosts your ROI in the best way and know how to quantify your video marketing, it’s time to put this knowledge into play.

Maximize the effectiveness of your video without experiencing the dreaded trial and error process. We have tried tens of thousands of times, use our expertise to deliver the results you want without the headaches you don’t need. Connect with a team member at Trifecta to attain tangible, data-driven growth in your business.

When choosing a marketing strategy you have two options:

Option A – Increase impact by creating purposeful video

Option B – Reduce or eliminate investments into quality video content

But let’s be honest. Option B really isn’t an option. You don’t want to disparage your brand’s image or even worse, become obsolete because you don’t want to invest in video. When you choose Option A and invest in the content of your video marketing, your brand awareness, likeability and value can only go up.

You are already going to save time by incorporating video into your business. For example, using an explainer video can cut internal costs by answering your prospects questions at all times of the day. And again, this leads to happier customers and better business operations.

The beauty of video is it allows you to truly measure how your audience engages with your content, allowing you to cater specifically to them. Unlike a PDF file or still image where you don’t know if your message is even being read, heard or listened to. Why waste this opportunity?

Connect with a team of people whose business mission is to grow yours. Less time spent storyboarding, filming and editing video means more time for you to run your company. That is what Trifecta is here to do.

Click play. See results. 

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